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Assessment Capable Learners

At Mount Archer in 2019 we are focusing on ensuring our students are assessment capable.  The term assessment capable learners is used to describe students who:
-          Know what they are learning
-          Know how they are going
-          Know what they need to learn to improve
-          Have a range of skills to assist them to improve
As a school we are focusing on this in a range of ways.
 Every classroom in the school will have learning walls on display for students to use in English and Math.  These walls have useful information about what students are learning and guide them toward greater success. 
Added to this all students complete pre assessment in English and Math.  This information is used to give the teachers and students an indication of the starting point for learning. 
Around the classroom you will see and hear 5 questions.  One of the goals for assessment capable learners is for every student to be able to answer these questions with confidence.
1.      What are you learning & why?
2.      How are you doing?
3.      How do you know?
4.      How can you improve?
5.      Where do you go for help when you have a question?
We would love all of our parents to be having conversations with your children about their learning and speaking with teachers about what is happening in classrooms.